A particularly fabulous business run by Sarah and Robin Taylor

What do we do?

We make Picture Frames and sell Artists Materials.

No, no, no.....don't close the page...we are more interesting than you think.

 You have to realise it's almost worth a visit to Warwick just to come and see us. Forget the castle. The history....the atmosphere...what you really need is to take up watercolours. Or frame that picture that you bought in a moment of madness while you were in Lanzarote.

We won't judge.

We might talk about you after you've left the shop, but console yourself with the knowledge that you won't feel a thing.

At least come and see us bicker like a pair of 8 year olds.

Enjoy the rest of the site. And laugh your head off at how amateurish it all is.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday :  9am to 5.25pm {see below for new info}
                       Saturday ; 9am to 4.55pm
                       Sunday : Closed {Recovering}
                       Monday: Having a whale of a time doing something completely pointless.

Extra  Info {important stuff, too}

To those of you who don't know us so well....
We take a couple of weeks off after Christmas in order to re-grow a few brain cells, and make ourselves businesslike and efficient again. Naturally, this doesn't work, but we enjoy the time off anyway.
As it is the only holiday we have, we would ask the person who kicks our door in frustration because he can't get in and buy a pencil to have more foresight in the future and get it early.
So now he knows.
As do you! No excuses!


Or he could be upset because he got another knitted jumper from his Gran again.
Wool rage. Either way, be nice to our door!


New, new info:
 After 13 years of a six day week, and given the Old Duffer's recent health problems, from the New Year 2013 we are biting the bullet and closing on a Monday for the first time. We know this is going to disrupt things for a while, but we hope you can adjust to our new opening hours. This is mainly because I want to keep him around for a bit longer...I mean, who else is going to get rid of spiders for me?
And empty the bins.
And open jars after I've loosened them.


Would you trust this woman?

CV34 4JA
01926 495589




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