Bespoke frames made on site.

 Both contemporary and classial frames available. We frame prints, photographs, watercolours, oils, stretched canvasses, needlework {nothing above 16 count aida please...Robin's eyesight doesn't 'do' tiny anymore!}, football shirts, medals. Advice given if required {mostly good!}. Friendly service and excellent prices.

We are also happy to give quotes....and we won't lock the door till you leave your picture with us. No pressure, no strings!


  No-one has picked the orange frame yet....come on people, make an effort!

{New information....the orange frame has been removed. So you have all missed the perfect opportunity to frame the picture of a tangerine/marigold/Dale Winton that you were saving for a special occasion}
{Newer information....the orange frame has been picked. Thank you Dale.}