This page is just a bit of fun. Below are some of the windows I have done in the past {in no particular order}. Some are themed to local or national events, some are plain daft. All involved swearing to some degree or another. 

'Life is Black and White? Not Likely!' 




This idea had been bubbling around for a bit....and it catered to my undying love for foamboard. Three scalpel blades later, and the job  was done.







This was a 'sign' that I made up last year. It seemed like a spectacularly good idea at the time. Five words later, I was thinking that I was a complete idiot. 

For the record, it says "Sarah, we are holding your favourite brush to ransom. Your lack of care towards us has pushed us over the edge. Deliver the brush cleaner to the co-ordinates given, and 'Mr Fluffy' will remain unharmed. To prove we are serious, here is a bristle from his head. Any delay or attempt at a rescue will result in a full plucking". Signed 'your manky old brushes'.